Swimming Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Re-plaster / Re-lining

Swimming Pool Re-Plaster – Performed every 7-10 years

  • Member of the National Plaster Council
  • Detailed specifications are followed on each plaster job
  • All surfaces are properly prepared per industry standards
  • Bonding agent applied to ensure best adhesion of the new plaster
  • Multitude of tile and coping options available for a brand new look
  • Installation of waterline and deck depth markers
  • Property staff trained on the proper 28 day start up and maintenance for newly plastered pools.

Swimming Pool and Spa Fill-ins

Whiteco Pool Solutions has the knowledge and skills

  • Plug all piping to seal & secure piping and penetrations
  • Insure electrical connections and controls are disconnected safely and properly
  • Achieve a new look over filled area with several decorative tile or concrete choices
Hot Tub After Repair

Spa Fill-in Before & After

Spa Before
Spa After

Spa Re-plaster Before & After

Re-plaster Before
Re-plaster After

Acid Wash Before & After

Reno Acid Before
Reno Acid After 1
Reno Acid AFter 2
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